Marie Biscuit Pudding

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This Marie-biscuit pudding recipe comes from my sister’s star cafe. So what is star cafe? As a weekend mother-daughter activity, didi has started a ‘star cafe’; a cafe where she and her 6 year daughter are the chefs :). It serves many purposes but the main being that Nandini will eat what she has made herself. And so most items on star cafe menu are with fruits :) Didi keeps looking for child friendly recipes. Child friendly both in terms of making and eating. She came across this one during a pot luck party at a friend’s house. Last weekend when they were visiting us, the star cafe chefs made this biscuit pudding in my weekend kitchen :). And what’s best this biscuit pudding requires no cooking at all! Just about 10 minutes of assembling and then leave it to set in the refrigerator. You can also prepare this a day in advance.

Marie biscuit pudding

Preparation: 10 mins| Refrigeration Time: 4-5 hrs | Serves 8

Monica and Nandini star cafe, cooking with kids, kids activities
The chefs at Star Cafe!

3-4 tsp instant coffee powder

1 cup lukewarm water

450gms cream

4-5 spoon castor sugar

1tsp vanilla essence

1 packet Marie biscuit

1 cup chopped walnuts

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